Orff – Carmina Burana

Chiswick Choir are joining forces with Music Makers of London and the New Forest Children’s Choir
The performance comprises two modern secular cantatas:

Carl Orff’s dramatic Carmina Burana (1935), based on 24 poems selected from the medieval Bavarian collection of the same name. The topics, with their down-to-earth directness, are as relevant today as they were in the 13th century: fortune and wealth, the joys of Spring, the pleasures of drinking, gambling, food and love. It has justly been described as ‘one of the most vivid, picturesque and richly tuneful choral pieces of modern times’

Chiswick Choir
The New Forest Children’s Choir
Music Makers of London
Susanna Fairbairn
Rob Jenkins
Jan Capinski
Ian Tindale & Benedict Lewis-Smith
Hilary Campbell and Alison Russell-Hayward