Handel – Saul
Glyndebourne revival

King Saul jealously welcomes the returning David, fresh from his defeat of Goliath. But Saul is misunderstood by his two daughters and his son, and this plants the roots of a drama exploring the murderous madness embraced by Saul.
This oratorio, a biblical drama based on the Books of Samuel, composed in 1739 by Handel at the height of his glory in England, has often been staged. Barrie Kosky’s version, produced by the Glyndebourne Festival in 2015, stood out for its colours and sparkling costumes set against a black background and a ground covered with earth. As Artistic Director for the Komische Oper Berlin, Barrie Kosky revisits repertoire works in a truly innovative way with audacity and intelligence. His “wild directing” (The Times) is “breathtaking” (The Guardian)